Ivy Tech Community College Case Study


Reliable in-building cellular and wireless signals are invaluable on a campus setting.  There are many benefits to students having wireless connectivity, including guaranteed reception for campus wide alerts.  Ivy Tech put out a request for proposal (RFP) and extended the opportunity for Harris Communications to design a solution and compete for the business.  We were awarded the project as a result of our cost effective design and proven track record.

Situation: Ivy Tech Community College is the state’s largest public postsecondary institution and the nation’s largest singly accredited statewide community college system serving nearly 200,000 students annually.  This particular project included two buildings on the Richmond Campus, Johnson & McDaniel Halls.  The total coverage 250,000 square feet of facilities.

The poor cellular signal was a combination of a somewhat rural campus and the materials used in construction of the buildings.  In many cases, brick and concrete can interfere with the propagation of cellular signal.  Ivy Tech had concerns regarding student and faculty safety. Harris Communications proposed a 3G solution in order to meet budgetary requirements and to ensure strong voice signals throughout both buildings. We installed CommScope Node A repeater in each building. It is an all  copper system with components that can easily be scaled to 4G and beyond.

Conclusion:  Ivy Tech was thrilled with the consistent and reliable signal they now have in Johnson and McDaniel Hall.  We have had consistent signal since the system went live on the Richmond campus.  We are working on additional projects with Ivy Tech and look forward to contributing to the positive experience for current and future students at Ivy Tech.

Ivy Tech Community College is the state’s largest public postsecondary institution and the nation’s largest singly accredited statewide community college system serving nearly 200,000 students annually.  Ivy Tech has campuses throughout Indiana. It serves as the state’s engine of workforce development, offering affordable degree programs and training that are aligned with the needs of its communities.  In addition, its courses and programs transfer to other colleges and universities in Indiana. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association.

 About Harris Communications:  Harris Communications is a leading provider of in-building cellular signal enhancement and wireless solutions for commercial applications. They have more than 20 years of experience and have implemented wireless enhancement solutions in facilities throughout the United States. Harris Communications is a turnkey company and handles every aspect from the design, installation and maintenance of the required systems.



Ace Hotel Cellular Repeater Solution – New York City

In-Building Wireless Solution, Ace Hotel- New York, NY

Ace Hotel has several locations throughout the United States and is a thriving urban hotel chain.  They are known for their hip style, unique locations and are often called a boutique hotel.  Continue reading

GE Capital Chose Harris Communications

GE Capital Couldn’t Here You, Now They Can

GE Capital contacted Harris Communications seeking a solution for poor cellular coverage in their national office in Norwalk, Connecticut. The company has a national and international presence and desperately needed cellular reception throughout their offices to conduct business effectively. With over 800 employees at this location alone, not having adequate cellular coverage was not acceptable. It was also detrimental when employees from other locations were in the building and unable to use their smart phone to conduct business while out of their office. Continue reading

Call Center and Tech Support Facility, NY

About MVP

MVP Health Care, is a family of companies offering a range of health benefit plans and options combined with wellness programs designed to reduce health risks and control health care costs.

The company distinguishes itself by combining a diverse range of health benefit plan options offered by large insurers and the service and flexibility generally associated with a smaller company.  MVP Health Care, Inc. currently serves more than 750,000 members across New York, Vermont and New Hampshire.

About the Situation

This particular case was for a key administrative building in Rochester, NY.  The building functions as a call center, IT and Tech Support, Sales Department and a training facility.  They contacted Harris Communications in need of spot coverage throughout the facility.  Due to the variety of key services provided at this location, cellular coverage was a necessity.

We were able to design an all copper, spot coverage solution.  The spot coverage ensured that the areas deemed most important would have cellular coverage and the project would come in on budget.  Once the design and proposal was approved, our techs traveled to New York to implement the solution and ensure it was functioning to capacity.


The MVP facility now has seamless coverage in the designated areas.  This accommodates executives and key personnel who need smart phone and cellular access when visiting and working at the facility.  It improves productivity for MVP and contributes to client satisfaction as well.

Tenaska Kiowa Power Plant Harris Comm. Case Study

Harris Communications was able to provide a self-install solution for a power company located in rural Oklahoma.  Kiowa Power contacted us seeking a solution for their office building.  It is a green building which are commonly known to block cellular signals.

In this situation it was more economical to recommend a self-install due to the size of the solution and the remote location of the facility.  We were able to work with the client over the phone and email to gather all of the relevant information to design an efficient and effective solution for Kiowa Power.

Harris Communications packaged all of the materials and wrote a self install handbook specific to the Kiowa facilities solution.  We were able to deliver a comprehensive self install solution within the budgetary needs and guide the client through the install as well.  In most cases we prefer to conduct a site survey, design and implement the solution.  This was a unique situation given the square footage of the facility and remote location.

It was a pleasure to work with Kiowa Power and we are available to consult you on your facility as well.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can create a cost effective solution to improve your cellular service.

Medical Research Institute Case Study

Harris Communications recently completed the 2nd and final phase of the commercial cellular project for the Van Andel Cancer Institute.  This facility’s 2nd phase is a Leed Certified building and we extended our 1st phase multi-carrier distributed antenna system (DAS) into it adding Nextel in addition to providing  in-building coverage with Verizon and AT&T. Continue reading

Ace Hotel, New York City Cell Signal Issues

Here’s an indie video about the Ace Hotel. We implemented a multi-carrier cellular repeater solution for the hotel prior to the grand opening, and as you can see from the pictures, this is no new construction.  Continue reading

Hospital in Charleston, SC Harris Communications Case Study |

About East Cooper Hospital

East Cooper has been recognized with five star ratings for spine surgery, hip fracture repair and patient satisfaction; Gold Seals from one of America’s most respected health care organizations, and the designation as South Carolina’s “Get With the Guidelines Hospital of the Year”.  They have an extraordinary team of health care professionals –some who touch our patients personally, and some who offer support and talents from behind the scenes.  The entire staff is focused on the same goal: to provide care to our deserving friends, family and neighbors.

After 23 years of serving the community, a new facility was needed to accommodate growth in the community.  The new hospital is twice the size of the former facility and offers conveniences and amenities that illustrate East Cooper’s commitment to the community.  The new facility officially opened in April 2010 and is better suited to serve the growing community.

Nature of the Situation

East Cooper contacted Harris Communications after the facility was completed.  They realized that the cellular reception was not reliable and wanted to seek out a solution.  The new facility featured state of the art technology and reliable cellular reception was imperative.  The hospital wanted reception for staff who rely on smart phones as well as visitors and guests who depend on cellular coverage to communicate.  This particular hospital is a member of a large system and had stringent standards for qualifying outside vendors.  Harris Communications was able to qualify based on our national experience in implementing repeater solutions for hospitals and other medical facilities.

Nature of the Solution

Harris Communications was able to determine that the main factor effecting the facility’s cellular reception was the construction of the building.  There was enough cellular reception outside of the facility to be captured and repeated inside the hospital to create the cellular signal they needed.  We designed and implemented a multi-carrier fiber solution for the entire facility.  Once the installation was finished, we walked the entire facility to ensure the reception was adequate.

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Non-Profit World Wide Relief Org Case Study

Harris Communications has successfully implemented a commercial cellular solution for a world wide relief organization.  We were initially contacted by the organization when they were not satisfied with an existing solution at a smaller facility.  The solution was not performing as promised.

We were able to walk the facility, determine why the other system was not performing and provide a superior solution that came in well under budget.  As a result of that installation, the non-profit approached Harris Communications about a campus location they had that needed improved cellular reception.   This solution was applied to a campus style set up and incorporated a total of eight buildings.  The infrastructure is a copper solution and is composed of individual solutions for each building as opposed to one comprehensive solution.  This schematic ensured that we were able to deliver the cellular reception and come in below budget by using copper as opposed to a fiber solution.  Conduits were not available due to the mountainous terrain that surrounds the campus.

This was a high priority for the organization because they work in international relief efforts.  In recent years, we have seen several natural disasters wipe out landlines and the most effective way to communicate is via cell phone.  Haiti in particular was the impetus behind the organization seeking out a solution despite the ineffective solution they had purchased prior to working with Harris Communications.  It is imperative to have good in-building coverage to reach people at all times and in any place in the facility.  We provided a solution that enhanced Verizon and AT&T cellular signals.

Harris Communications is able to provide single and multiple building solutions.  We work closely with clients to find a solution that is the best fit for their needs and budget.  In many instances there are fiber infrastructures already in place that we can attach our system to.  In other cases it is more cost effective to implement a copper solution.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

Medical Research Center Michigan Case Study


We completed a commercial cellular repeater solution for The Van Andel Institute (VAI).  Founded in 1996, the vision was  an institute that would have an impact world-wide in enriching and enhancing lives through biomedical research and education. Continue reading

Cellular Enhancement for International Hotel Group

About Courtyard by Marriott

Courtyard by Marriott is a brand of hotels owned and operated by Marriott International. The hotels are designed for and cater to business travelers. All rooms feature large desks, couches, free high speed Internet access, and filling breakfasts.
Most of its locations have full-service restaurants, and all have 24-hour “mini-marts,” for the guests convenience. It competes with other mid-priced business-oriented hotels like the Hilton Garden Inn.

The first location was built in 1985 in Atlanta and was Marriott’s first sister brand. The brand was intended to target business travelers who desired quality service at affordable prices.  As the market changed and Courtyard grew, they have begun to cater to the leisure traveler as well.  Most locations have a swimming pool or fitness center,  mini-fridges and microwaves for rent, and offer family rates.

Marriott spent $2 billion in the mid-1980s on building out the Courtyard by Marriott chain in order to target a wider demographic.  Overall, the chain is focused on accommodating guests and growing their target clientele.

About the Situation

Harris Communications was contacted by the Portland, Oregon Marriott Hotel because they lacked reliable cellular reception in the administrative and staff offices, banquet rooms as well as some hallways.  In this particular case the area experiencing poor coverage was limited to one section of the hotel on the first floor.  The main concern for Marriott staff is that they were not able to communicate and ensure guest satisfaction from an administrative standpoint as well as when parties and business engagements were being held in the banquet rooms.  An ancillary issue was that guests were not able to use their cell phones when in those areas as well.

Nature of the Solution

We were able to design a copper solution that covered the area most in need of cellular enhancement.  In this particular case, the hotel was a Green Building, which commonly attributes to poor cellular coverage.  The design and installation was for a multi-carrier solution and was cost effective as it covered the pre-determined area as opposed to the hotel in it’s entirety.  We were able to send our crew out to Portland and complete the installation on time, on budget and ensure the system was fully functioning prior to our departure.


The Hotel now has reliable cellular reception in the administrative offices as well as the banquet rooms.  This ensures that the staff can communicate internally which will result in greater guest satisfaction.  As an added bonus, groups that book events in the banquet rooms will benefit from cellular service as well.  The guaranteed reception aligns with the customer service and event planning that Marriott strives to offer guests.  Another success story from Harris Communications!